Improving location capture accuracy

Improved usability & user's conscious decision making essentially leading to lower CAC and better business.

Design initiative to introduce interactive 3D models & images

Customers deserve delight and acknowledgment

Improving user's understanding of the process

Building trust and confidence by helping users visualise selling car experience

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Setting up framework for (Sell) homepage

Convincing more users to proceed to sell online & constructing cms friendly designs for highly iterative experience

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Optimised slot booking experience & boosting early slot adoption

Convincing the users to book slots earlier.

Reducing drop offs to widen the lead creation funnel

Why did the user drop? What seems to be problem? Why did the user deviate from the path. How did I fix it? Quite an interesting story

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Ramping up design culture at Cars24

Organising meet-ups, guest sessions & team building activities. Came up with unified team avatars coz why not?

Winning trust by showing proof of work

Letting the numbers talk

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Bespoke experience for repeat users

Reducing duplicate lead creation & saving user's efforts

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Built an AR filter for "Fun"

Just a cool side project to learn new skills

Use Instagram Filter

Setting up design framework for AI chatbot

Making the chat more conversational and legible using visual anchors

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